The SmartByteTM Weight Management System

Seamlessly integrating proprietary medical technology, behavioral science and digital intelligence.

Clincally-proven safe and effective   ·   FDA-cleared   ·   Prescribed by doctors

Propietary Medical Device

A small, removable, custom-molded medical device is placed comfortably on the roof of the mouth, only when eating.

It helps people take smaller bites & eat more slowly, which gives the body time to realize that it's feeling full so people are satisfied with less food and fewer calories[1].

It's important to use SmartByte regularly. People who used SmartByte during more meals, lost more weight.

The SmartByte Device is the only FDA-cleared wearable to help you lose weight.


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Behavioral Science

Our Personal Coaching Program will match patients with one of our weight management coaches who will work with them for 52 weeks. With a personal coach, patients will learn to maximize the benefits of the SmartByte System and adopt new healthy habits to help them achieve their weight and health goals.

The SmartByte Personal Coaching Program is the only behavioral modification program that leverages a medical device, app and coach to help improve both how patients eat and what they eat.


Improve Both How Patients Eat and What They Eat

Our personal coaches will leverage proven scientific methodologies and evidence-based techniques to help implement small modifications – “mini mods” – to eating habits, diet and lifestyle that will help lead to lasting weight loss. The coaches will also promote consistent and correct use of the SmartByte Device while patients learn how to nourish their bodies.

The program will be highly adaptive to individual needs and preferences with real-time modification of treatment plans based on detailed analysis of lifestyle, habits and clinical results. Ongoing communication with personal coaches will include phone calls, text messaging and email – all customized to a patient's preferences.

Digital Intelligence

Our app connects to a sensor in the SmartByte device and sends usage data to the SmartByte Weight Management System. Patients will also receive a cellular-enabled scale that automatically captures their weight data for display within the app

Gathering this data provides a comprehensive view of your patients' results so they can track progress towards goals in real-time – together with their coach.

The SmartByte Self-Monitoring App is the only digital platform that integrates eating behavior with weight loss results in real-time.


The SmartByte System is Unique

Clinically-Proven Safe

Wearable device with no prescription drugs or surgical procedures



Personal coaching team to help achieve & maintain weight goals

Clinically-Proven Effective

FDA-cleared based on multiple clinical trials and prescribed by doctors



Only use when eating; add lifestyle-appropriate diet & exercise


[1] McGee, T. L., Grima, M. T., Hewson, I. D., Jones, K. M., Duke, E. B. and Dixon, J. B. (2012), First Australian Experiences With an Oral Volume Restriction Device to Change Eating Behaviors and Assist With Weight Loss. Obesity, 20: 126–133.