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The Scientific Intake website is not intended for a U.S. audience. The website describes our product, Sensor Monitored Alimentary Restriction Therapy (SmartByte™). The product has not been cleared for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration and is not available for sale in the U.S.

SmartByte™ is limited by U.S. law to investigational use only. It has been designated Non Significant Risk by the FDA.

Outside the U.S., Scientific Intake's SmartByte™ is designated a Class I medical device and has been granted the CE Mark (Europe), and has been approved by Health Canada, Anvisa ( Brazil) and TGA (Australia).

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Healthcare Providers: Starting your Patients with SmartByte™

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Like patients, many health care providers are frustrated with the lack of safe, effective, clinically validated solutions for obesity. Most weight loss options involve diet and exercise programs that many patients do not follow. Pharmaceutical therapies often have marginal efficacy and high cost with a variety of side effects. Surgical or endoscopic (down the throat) devices come with high costs and risks. The endoscopic options have the additional caveat of having to be removed by endoscope after six months which can result in recidivism.

Sensor Monitored Alimentary Restriction Therapy (SmartByte™) is a new medical device to aid in weight loss that works differently. The SmartByte™ is a custom made, non surgical, removable device that is placed by the user during meals to slow eating and limit caloric intake. SmartByte™ is a powerful and proven weight loss solution that requires no pharmaceuticals, no surgery and has no side effects.

The SmartByte™ simulates Torus Palatinus, a benign lobulation in the central upper palate that decreases the capacity of the oral cavity. Our peer reviewed published scientific research and our Chief Medical Officer, Donna Ryan M.D., FACP, Professor Emerita, Pennington Biomedical Research Center and former president of The Obesity Society, describes SmartByte™’s mode of action as:

  1. It causes the person to take smaller bites, slowing food intake.
  2. It requires more chewing of food before swallowing.
  3. It makes “gulping” of food difficult.
  4. By slowing the eating process, it permits more appreciation (savoring) of the taste, smell and texture of food.
  5. By slowing food intake, it permits onset of the body’s physiological satiety response when the person has eaten less food.

Embedded in SmartByte™ is a microsensor that enables you to monitor your patient’s compliance and progress on a secure website – it is similar to a weight loss “journal” but keeps track automatically and accurately. This unique feature eliminates self reporting of SmartByte™ usage and provides an unbiased view of device adherence as well as progress to or maintenance of  goal weight. If physicians or their staff wish to monitor their patient’s SmartByte™ usage and progress, the process is simple, secure and as fast as accessing a bookmarked website. With diet and exercise, you have no real way to oversee compliance – with SmartByte™, the sensor does the work.

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